Propellor | Kickstart


Rotterdam, Tue Jan 31. - Wed Feb 1. 2017


an ideation workshop of the Propellor Film Tech Hub
hosted by International Film Festival Rotterdam IFFR
in collaboration with Venture Café Rotterdam and CIC




CULTURE CUES is a Tinder-like app for film viewers that shows trailers and gathers the data of the users and their preferences. This information is then shared with distributors and exhibitors who can prepare targeted campaigns as they will know who wants to watch their films and where.   

Team: Victoria Thomas (UK), Sterre Heinis (Netherlands), Imke Poeschel (Germany), Jacob McPherson (USA)


Winner of the AUDIENCE AWARD:


MOVIEFICATION is an app that extends the film watching experience in the cinemas into the cityscape; it augments reality and creates stories that depend on the actions and actual environments of the users, turning them into the main character of the story and the city into a movie set.

Team: Alexander Graham (UK), Maria Bahamam (Netherlands), Fabian Eck and Sophie Burger (Germany), Ivan Mikulic (Netherlands)


CINELAN provides cinemas with hardware, content and a community for gaming activities; it offers cinemas an additional revenue stream and the growing gaming community a social environment to meet and enjoy tournaments on the big screen.

Team: Paul Westerweel (Netherlands), Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi (Austria), Märten Puust (Estonia), Maria Royo (Spain)


FILMPASS is a app for cinema tickets, a one stop shop for cinema-goers to find, pick, book and organize a film-going experience in any cinema, any city, anytime; it informs cinemas about who is going to see their films and when.

Team: Alexander Rönnberg (Sweden), Julia Wagner (Germany), Olivia Howe (UK), Joyce Palmers (Belgium), Anna Bogutskaya (UK), Klaudia Gainza (Netherlands)


VR CATWALK offers access to the world’s special locations in VR, using VR as a tool to scout shooting location and to prepare the shooting; it minimizes the preparation efforts for producers and maximizes the reach for local film commissions.  

Team: Karen Forbes (Scotland), Janine Lages (Portugal), Priscila Guedes (France)


3DFINE transforms any 2D experience into a 3D experience, on big and small screens and in VR; it’s a patent technology, low cost and has a fast delivery.  

Team: Gerard Drost (Netherlands), Boris Lenseigne (Netherlands), Vikko Smit (Netherlands), Evan (Netherland)



SECRET GARDEN is an online platform for global audiences to watch the great undistributed films screened at international festivals; it’s a community where filmmakers and film enthusiasts can interact, meet and share these films until they are distributed.

Team: Job Veltman (Netherlands), Julia Ton (Netherlands), Ruben Lentz (Netherlands), Severine Catelion (France), Harro Presser (Netherlands)


SHOOT WE is an online marketplace connecting brands in need of new types of audiovisual (branded) content with filmmaking talent from the Millennium generation who are looking for new sources to finance and new channels to distribute their content.

Team: Pascal Casetti (Austria), Michael Mitchell (Switzerland), Ruben van der Horst (Netherlands), Elwin van der Meer (Netherlands), Marta Tomczyk (Netherlands)           


ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW is a subscription based film production and VOD platform, connecting potential audiences with untold stories, giving them agency on the stories told on their screens, allowing them to choose what content their money is put into.

Team: Marina Sarkisian (Belgium), Adnan Fekovic, Ana Paula Teixeira (Brazil / Netherlands), Etien Yovchev (Netherlands), Pepijn Duijvestein (Netherlands)


FULFILMENT MEDIA is a financing tool investing in media slates that combines films, series, games and other media into one package with a common message; it ultimately facilitates investing in meaning and in changes in society.

Team: Maarten van Doornmalen (NetherlandS), Luis Campos (Portugal / The Netherlands), Willi Haninger (Germany), Claudia Landsberger (Netherlands)       


Why Propellor |Kickstart?


The global, multi-billion $ market for film production, distribution and experience is almost untouched by peak technology (AI, block chain and big data) and new forms of social interaction (sharing economy, co-creation, and crowd sourcing). There are huge market potentials in the film industry waiting to be unleashed! With this workshop you can kickstart an idea that will change the way films are made, distributed and experienced!


What is it?


A one-day ideation workshop for interdisciplinary participants to jointly work on ideas that can propel the film industry into the future.

We focus on a hands-on development of your own ideas, solutions for a specific problem or need you have identified.

Propellor | Kickstart also has a few ideas for you to work on, so come with or without an idea if you would like to be part of this collaborative event!

You will work in a small team on developing concrete ideas applying

>> the business model canvas

>> the value proposition canvas

>> best practices of pitching

>> testing and validation


Who should attend?


Students, rookies or seasoned professionals, from within or outside the film industry:


Why should I join?


>> Apply successful startup tools to the development of your idea

>> Meet like-minded doers, creatives & thinkers. Form a great team

>> Get feedback from experts and validation from potential users

>> Tap into Propellor’s international network in film & tech

>> Pitch in front of the IFFR community during the Cinemart closing

>> Get an IFFR goodie bag, IFFR screening and great hospitality

>> Keep full ownership of your idea and the outcome of the come




Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-07 um 09.23.39.png


Facilitators & Team


Lija Groenewoud van Vliet
Creative Director & Co-Founder In4Art

Elsbeth Geukers

Program Manager at YES!Delft

Pieter Guldemond

Managing Director at YES!Delft

Jacob Roeters van Lennep - Project Coordinator
Melanie Lemahieu - Photos
Claude Arnaud Dechiron - Illustration
Mike Peters - Graphic Design
Dominik Groetz - Communication




Mentors with backgrounds in film and startup/tech and a wide range of skills and expertise will assist you and share their knowledge:

Floor Schmeitz —Manager Corporate Communications Océ; Venlo
Katja Berkhout — Managing Director Venture Cafe; Rotterdam
Duke Urbanik — Serial Entrepreneur & Strategy Coach; Tilburg NL
Valeria Jamonte — Digital initiatives Tempesta Film; Rome
Hengameh Panahi — Founder Celluloid Dreams; Paris
Job Nijs — Co Founder The Venture Generator; Rotterdam
Sten Saluveer — Founder Storytek Creative Accelerator / Special Projects BNFF; Tallinn
Marieke Jonker — Head of Content Vue Netherlands; Amsterdam
Christiaan Mooiweer — Chief Strategy Officer Nerdalize; Delft
Matteo Solaro — European Commission, Creative Europe - MEDIA
Head of Sector EACEA – TV Programming, Audience, Innovative approaches; Brussels
Bobby Allen —VP of Content Mubi; London
Jeroen Jager — NOON creation; Utrecht




Since this is a collaborative, co-creative event, the ideas pitched at the end will most likely be very different from what they were at the beginning. The end result will reflect an entire team's creative effort and each team working on an idea will decide together how they treat the topic of ownership. If you are concerned about this, or have questions, please get in touch with us.

But remember: "To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions." -- Steve Jobs





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