Propellor | Sprint


Potsdam - Babelsberg, 13. - 14. November 2018


The Propellor | Sprint is a one-day innovation workshop
enabling 4 companies from the European audio-visual industry
to develop solutions for one of their business challenges
in a co-creative Sprint with 20+ interdisciplinary Co-Creators.

The changing dynamics in the audio-visual industries are more critical than ever,
given how rapidly content creation, distribution and monetization are being disrupted. Incremental approaches to business model transformation are unlikely
to keep pace with the rate of change. 

The Propellor | Sprint is a unique opportunity for Challenge Owner and
Co-Creators to meet in a curated context, benefit from each other's
unique perspective, apply result-oriented innovation methods under the
guidance of inspiring facilitators and sketch solutions to a real business challenge.



Challenge Owner


based in: Tallinn
established: 2018

Company profile

Clappy is a platform for TV channels to make their content interactive. With Clappy you can react, comment and send your opinions while you watch TV - the results are shown in real time on your TV screen. Clappy makes sport broadcasts, reality shows, news and political discussions interactive and can be used for live TV, recorded shows, web TV and e-learning. With Clappy the audience no longer just watches a show but becomes part of it.

Business Challenge

How can our product help content creators to keep their audience focused on their content when 64%* of the TV audience is already engaging with an additional screen while watching TV? (* source: Ericsson Consumer Lab: TV and media 2016). How can we shape our business plan and product development plan in the light of changing user behaviours and a growing interactivity of audiovisual media?


based in: Copenhagen
established: 2014

Company profile

Makropol is a studio for immersive content production and experience. With a background in traditional cinematic storytelling, their work spans across a wide spectrum of media and art forms. Always rooted in the narrative and transformative experience, their groundbreaking productions guide the audience through dynamic landscapes of film, theatre and installation art, often manifested by novel and interactive technology.

Business Challenge

How can we design the MVP of our XR Cinema space DÖR in such a way that it can become a standard format for mixed reality narrative content and scale within a year?


based in: Prague
established: 1998

Company profile

Anomalia is a professional training program helping animation artists from the EU to boost their skills, projects and careers. The labs and courses we offer focus on story development and character design for TV and theatrical animation films. Our program has been recognized by the Animation Career Review among the top 20 global animation schools.

Business challenge

How can we scale our product into other industries, beyond TV and cinema, and engage with creators of mobile and online animation content and beyond narrative storytelling? How can we develop our animation program to become financially independent from public funding?


based in: Bergen
established: 2011

Company Profile

Mer Film is a production and distribution company. Our ambition is to develop, produce and distribute Norwegian and international art-house films by directors with a personal artistic vision. We aim to engage our audience offline in movie theaters and online through our own channels throughout the entire life cycle of a film. We are currently building an MVP for a platform.

Business Challenge

How can we make our films more accessible for an audience and easier to engage with by creating an online platform for each film? Will an increased digital presence of the film increase total sales throughout all channels? How can we draw attention to this platform?






Co-Creators in the Propellor | Sprint immerse themselves in a
result-oriented co-creative session. They will

  • bring in their expertise and unique perspective
    and help to solve a real business challenge of one of the Challenge Owner

  • collaborate and co-create under the guidance of inspiring facilitators

  • meet like-minded doers, creatives & thinkers from other backgrounds

  • expand their international network

  • learn about business challenges and their solutions in other industries

  • get a free ticket to attend the Changing The Picture CTPiX18 Conference
    (and the entire MediaTech Con 2018, incl. VR Now and conference catering)

  • get a flat travel allowance of 100 € if they reside in Germany (but outside of Berlin and Brandenburg) and 200 € if they reside in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France or the Netherlands

Who should participate

Fundamental transformation requires the contribution of a variety of great minds with different backgrounds. We are looking for 20+ Co-Creators with junior to senior work experience and backgrounds in

  • film / media / TV / VR / games

  • publishing / music

  • marketing / PR / advertisement

  • finance / business development

  • technology / software

  • distribution of food or pharmaceuticals

  • any other field of activity which includes interaction with users / consumers

Co-Creators must be 18+ years of age, reside in the European Union and be willing to invest one full day of mental work in a co-creative process without a financial remuneration.



Tue, November 13, 2018

09:00 - 18:00 Propellor | Sprint innovation workshop
on location in Potsdam - Babelsberg
incl. lunch and coffee breaks

Each Challenge Owner will be assigned an interdisciplinary team of Co-Creators. Together they will be guided through a design-thinking process to unpack the problems facing the Challenge Owner and imagine new possibilities. Afterwards they will evaluate and filter their solutions before developing a sharable concept by the end of the day.

Wed, November 14, 2018

all day long Changing the Picture CTPiX18 Conference
(voluntary attendance for Challenge Owner and Co-Creators,
mandatory participation in the pitching session for Challenge Owner)   


Facilitators & Team


Angela Oguntala

workshop facilitator

Angela Oguntala.jpg

Angela is a founding partner at Greyspace.  Greyspace uses design thinking to make ideas tangible, ethnography to understand what drives people, and foresight to ensure new ideas are resilient to change. Angela speaks at conferences and events on future-facing topics. Her TEDx Talk is titled Re-Imagine the Future.


Luke Sturgeon

workshop facilitator


Luke Sturgeon.jpg

Luke has worked as a designer, consultant, lecturer, and researcher. At Greyspace he creates strategic futures for organisations that challenge and inspire new ways of thinking. He has led global design teams, delivered new products and services, and creates new research methods to support design thinking and strategic futures.


Erwin M. Schmidt



Erwin has worked in production, international sales and for film festivals and has an avid interest in new narrative formats and new distribution channels. He co-founded the Propellor FilmTech Hub, the Berlin based FilmTech Office and organizes the monthly FilmTech Meetup Berlin.


Susanne Schmitt



Susanne has a background in film festivals, film production and script consultancy. She is the head of the Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg where she and her team consult audiovisual professionals regarding Creative Europe funding programs and organize networking events to connect professionals across borders and disciplines.


Peter Effenberg


Peter Effenberg_Fotor.jpg

Peter is a passionate line producer, making the combination of storytelling and tech a business. He is the director of the the Changing The Picture CTPiX18 Conference, develops tech for the film industry, publishing the dpp film tech app and produces films.





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